ThreadZ Custom Bowstrings

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  • Having strings that I can rely on when travelling from one extreme climate to the next is crucial! Not only are ThreadZ Bowstrings delivered to me as quickly as possible, but I know they will be made properly to the specs I need. I have never had a single issue with my ThreadZ Bowstrings and I have full confidence that when I arrive in a new location that everything will be ready to rock. I’m grateful for the opportunity and proud to represent ThreadZ!

    Erin McGladdery ThreadZ ProStaff
  • I have been blessed to be sponsored by some truly great companies in the archery industry, and none more so than ThreadZ Bowstrings. Since shooting their strings I have not had to adjust timing or cam sync due to stretch, and my strings look so good after 10,000 shots that you would think they were almost new!

    Sam Wolthuis ThreadZ ProStaff
  • From the 3D course to the stand, I couldn’t do anything I do without my ThreadZ Bowstrings and I’m very thankful to be a part of such a great team.

    Jonathan Clark ASA & State Champion
  • I have been shooting ThreadZ Custom Bowstrings for the past 2 years and they are the best set of bowstrings that I have ever put on a bow. I put my trust in ThreadZ, and they are the only set of bowstrings that you will find on one of my bows!

    David Houser 2015 USA National Champion
  • Aside from high quality strings, what sets ThreadZ apart from others is their customer service. They bring knowledge and experience to the table and genuinely care about the success of their archers. I know that if I need a set of strings fast, I can always count on them!

    Christine Harrelson ASA Champion, Professional Archer
  • ThreadZ Bowstrings makes the best strings that I have ever had on my bow and they hands down have the best customer service that I have ever experienced. There are no long wait times, everything is perfect the first time, and lastly my strings looked just as good after a full shooting season. I’m so lucky to be part of such a great company.

    Jodi Hicks Two-time Collegiate Outdoor National Champion
  • A quality set of bowstrings is key to a reliable bow. I trust Threadz Bowstrings and they have never let me down.

    Tim Gillingham ASA Champion, IBO Champion, NFAA Champion
  • I have been shooting ThreadZ for over a year now, and I’m truly amazed at the quality of these strings! They allow me to shoot with 100% confidence in my equipment which allows me to focus on shooting with zero worry about equipment failure. Jerry and Margie are two of the best people I’ve ever met and do everything they can to take care of their shooters and customers.

    Brady Hempen ThreadZ ProStaff
  • In my opinion, Threadz Custom Bowstrings' quality, consistency and durability are the best on the market. For a pro shop they make our job a lot easier. They’re an excellent company and great people to work with.

    Rick Hellums Archery Unlimited, Prattville, AL