Frequently Asked Questions

ThreadZ Custom Bowstrings

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I place an order?

Contact us using this online order form or call us at (912) 276-4212.

Q. What colors are available?

See our Color Chart or try our String Builder for color options.

Q. Can I choose a custom serving color?

Yes. When choosing a serving color, keep in mind that Fluorescent serving colors become somewhat transparent and are subject to change color when installed over a different color string material. For instance, Fluorescent Green serving installed over blue string material will not stay fluorescent green.

Q. Warranty?

We will warranty any manufacturer’s defects. We do not warranty damage caused during installation. We do not warranty damage caused by user error.

Q. What information do I need to provide when ordering?

•  Make, Model of the Bow
•  String and Cable Lengths if you have them
•  String Color Choice (up to 3 colors, including pinstripe)
•  Serving Color Choice
•  Which Nocks are on the arrows that you are shooting with this bow
•  Payment Information
•  Shipping Address

Q. What material do you use?

We primarily use BCY 452X with Halo serving. But we do stock other materials.

Q. Is shipping included in the price?

Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Q. Will my strings come with Speed Nocks?

We build to factory specifications unless a customer requests something different. If a string set comes from the factory without speed nocks and the customer would like to have them installed, we would need to know the location and number of speed nocks to install.

Q. Pricing?

Call us for detailed pricing.

Q. When should I replace my bowstrings?

This depends on how often you shoot your bow and how you maintain your strings.

Q. How do I find the string and cable lengths for my bow?

Most bows will have a sticker on the limb with the bow specifications listed on it. If the sticker is missing, give us a call and we may be able to help you. If not, you may need to contact the bow manufacturer to get them.

Q. How many colors can I have on my string set?

Typically, we build strings in one, two and three colors plus the serving colors.

Q. How long will it take to receive my strings?

All orders ship the next business day after they are ordered. We ship via UPS 2-Day Air, which typically takes two days for delivery. Overnight shipping is available at an additional cost.