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David Houser

Name: David Houser
Age: 20
Hometown: Creekside, Pennsylvania
Years Shooting Professionally: 4

I began shooting archery in 2010 at age 12 to start archery hunting with my dad, Mark. To prepare for hunting season I started to shoot local 3D tournaments where I saw some individuals with target bows and I was instantly interested. This interest led me to get a target bow in 2012 and started shooting various IBO and ASA tournaments that all led up to where I am today. I have been shooting ThreadZ Custom Bowstrings for the past 2 years and they are the best set of bowstrings that I have ever put on a bow. I put my trust in ThreadZ, and they are the only set of bowstrings that you will find on one of my bows!

- 2015 USA National Champion
- 3rd Place 2017 Las Vegas Shoot
- 2016 Junior World Archery Championships – Silver Medalist, Individual
- 2 Time World Record Holder – 15 Arrow Elimination match
- 2017 Las Vegas Shoot Finalists
- 2015, 2016 NFAA Indoor National Championship Finalist